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PDF copies of presentations at meetings and seminars. Please not that these files are often large.

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  • Nutrient Additions workshop presentation 6th February 2020
    Presentation given by Peter Cunningham at the nutrient additions workshop at the Marine Scotland Freshwater laboratory on 6th February 2020. The presentation makes a case for phosphorus budgeting for Wester Ross to restore wild salmon populations and address problems associated with loss of phosphorus transfer and ecosystem malnourishment. .  Posted: 28/02/2020 (9.55MB)
  • Ecosystem fertility and (wild)life production in Wester Ross
    Presentation given at Assynt Field Club meeting at Lochinver on 17th November 2016. After providing an explanation of ‘ecosystem fertility’, the presentation considers long term changes in ecosystem fertility: at Beinn Eighe NNR; of grazing areas around crofting townships; and of large areas of land managed for red deer. The presentation focuses on the need to develop practices that conserve and replenish phosphorus within Wester Ross. Opportunities for trials and demonstration projects to raise awareness of the importance of ecosystem nutrition and the need for managing fertility could be taken forward in collaboration with the Wester Ross Biosphere. .  Posted: 18/11/2016 (25.30MB)
  • WRFT Biologist's Review of Recent Activities, October 2016
    Presentation prepared for the Skye & Wester Ross Fisheries Trust Open Day at the Loch Torridon Centre, 24th October 2016.  Posted: 31/10/2016 (24.36MB)
  • Costello, Scotland 2014: The problem for sea lice on salmonids: wild and farmed
    Presentation given by Prof Mark Costello at the sea lice and sea trout management worskhop at Aultbea Village Hall, supported by WRFT and the Atlantic Salmon Trust, on 20th February 2014. The talk summarise knoweldge of louse biology, transmission to hosts, methods of control and the persistance of the problem. There is also a section at the end about Marine Reserves in New Zealand.  Posted: 24/02/2014 (10.68MB)
  • Problems for Sea trout in Wester Ross
    This presentation has been tidied up from one given at the sea trout and sea lice management workshop at Aultbea Village hall on 20th February 2014. Data for sea lice and other factors affecting sea trout in Wester Ross are summarised. The presentation concludes with an outline for a Scottish Sea Trout Project aimed at improving our understanding of how different factors affect sea trout in different parts of Scotland.  Posted: 21/02/2014 (6.57MB)
  • a local community MPA for the Gairloch area?
    Presentation by Peter Cunningham at the meeting in Gairloch Community Hall on 7th May 2012 to consider options for developing a thrid party bid from the local community for a Marine Protected Area for an area around Loch Gairloch.  Posted: 11/05/2012 (10.08MB)
  • Refertilising Scotland part 2
    Part 2 of presentation given by Peter Cunningham at the Reforesting Scotland Annual meeting at Torridon Village Hall on 25th September 2010.  Posted: 27/09/2010 (15.03MB)
  • Refertilising Scotland part 1
    Part 1 of presentation given by Peter Cunningham at Reforesting Scotland Annual meeting at Torridon Village Hall on 25th September 2010.  Posted: 27/09/2010 (25.99MB)
  • WRFT Sea lice monitoring review 2007 and 2008
    Presentation given at the WRFT Sea lice Review Meeting, Gairloch 16th April 2009.  Posted: 22/09/2009 (4.63MB)
  • Land Use and Salmon Smolt Production in Wester Ross
    Presentation given by Peter Cunningham at the WRFT Ecosystem Fertility and Salmon Smolt Production Seminar on 30th November 2007. Describes growth of juvenile salmon in Wester Ross and how this relates to soil fertility and land management. Note large size of file!.  Posted: 05/09/2008 (22.41MB)