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WRFT Newsletter October 2023 published

Posted: Saturday 7 October, 2023 @ 09:28:12

Preparing the net for sea trout sampling

This newsletter summaries Wester Ross Fisheries Trust activities during the period March to September 2023.

Our work has included sea trout sampling, juvenile salmon surveys and other activities in support of wild fish and the habitats and ecosystems that sustain them in freshwater and in coastal waters.

Some rivers in Wester Ross retain relatively healthy wild salmon populations, in contrast to many rivers to the south where wild salmon populations are increasingly fragile.

Faced with climate extremes and other pressures associated with human activities, including open-cage salmon farming, there is much to do to secure a better future for our wild fish and fisheries.  

Much of what the Trust is able to do depends upon support from volunteers and grant providers as well as estates and local fisheries managers. Thank you to many people and groups who have helped over the past year.

Please contact the WRFT biologist or WRFT administrator if you would like to help with our work. 

The WRFT Newsletter October 2023 can be found here: