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Rare oceanic fish turns up in Badachro harbour

Posted: Tuesday 11 November, 2008 @ 15:52:14

Dealfish being examined by Alex Gray outside the WRFT Office in Gairloch.

A Dealfish Trachypterus arcticus was discovered on the 10th of November near the mouth of the Badachro River by local resident Hamish Lawrie. The fish was only just alive when discovered, and Hamish initially thought he'd seen an otter. The fish was found after a period of strong winds and high seas around the Wester Ross coastline. The fish measured about 140cm from the tip of its protruded mouth to the tip of its tail.

The Dealfish is normally found in oceanic waters where it lives in the water column above the bottom, coming up to nearer the surface at night. The very large eye may be an adaption for seeing prey in poor light. Dealfish may grow to 3m long. The attched photo file (click here) shows the potrusible mouth, and the teeth used to catch prey.

The fish has been frozen and is available for study. Please contact WRFT Biologist for further information. Many thanks to Hamish and Elna Lawrie for donating the fish!