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WRFT Fisheries Management Plan 2009+ published

Posted: Wednesday 17 December, 2008 @ 17:25:23

WRFT together with other members of Rivers and Fisheries Trusts Scotland (RAFTS) agreed that there was a need for fisheries management planning across Scotland. With support from the Scottish Government, WRFT has prepared a Fisheries Management Plan [FMP] which will provide a framework to guide the work of WRFT over coming years.

A draft plan was posted on this website for a period of 7 weeks. Thank you to all those who contributed to the consultation process by responding. The updated plan can now be downloaded. Any actions that are taken forward will require agreement and support from all stakeholders, especially if grant funding is sought. 

Tomorrow I'm heading down the road for a Christmas break, so I've been busy updating the plan and preparing a summary all of which can be downloaded here (see below). Our agreement with the Scottish Government was to produce a plan by the end of 2009, so here it is: 

The Summary includes a contents page and a work programme for 2009.

Part 1 and Part 2 provides an introduction to the FMP and a description of the area.

Part 3-1 describes the fishes and fisheries - Lampreys to salmon. This file is still rather large - I'll try to compress it further . . .

Part 3-2 describes the fishes and fisheries - trout to sea bass.

Part 4 outlines factors which are considered to limit fish production in the area.

Part 5 summarises past and current management activities.

Part 6 presents a summary of proposed actions towards the conservation and management of freshwater fishes and fisheries in the WRFT area.

Please note that files may be updated at any time if new information or corrections are required. Fisheries management planning is an on-going process. That said, the primary role of WRFT is not to produce FMPs, but to take forward management actions. In 2009 we very much look forward to enthusiastic support from throughout the area and beyond to do just that. As ever, any comments and suggestions will be very welcome.

Many thanks for your interest in the plan; we look forward to your continued support for actions to conserve, restore and develop prolific wild fisheries within the WRFT area.