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Charr conservation and management workshop report

Posted: Friday 9 January, 2009 @ 09:33:38

Participants at charr week 2008; charr from Loch Braigh Horrisdale (Ben Rushbrooke)

This workshop took place on the 27th November 2008 during Arctic charr discovery week at the Loch Maree Hotel. The workshop considered management priorities for charr populations in north-west Scotland and was attended by some of Scotland's leading charr biologists. One aim of the workshop was to consider action points for charr populations in the area, to be included in forthcoming Fishery Trust Fishery Management Plans. Please click here to download the summary report. Please note that other information may be added if further feedback is received. We welcome any additional comments or feedback from the workshop or the report.

Details of other activitied during charr week, including the results of sampling for charr in lochs Maree, Tollie, Clair, Coulin and Braigh Horrisdale are available on request. Thanks again to all participants and to the Scottish Government (via RAFTS) and Scottish Natural Heritage for supporting the event.

For information about the forthcoming 6th International Charr Symposium at Stirling in June 2009, please click here.