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Marine Seminar & Workshop: 29th May '09, Poolewe

Posted: Monday 23 February, 2009 @ 12:12:01

Plump River Ewe finnock (July 08); view to Summer Isles from Greenstone Point

By late May, the seas around Wester Ross are full of life. In 2008, prolific zooplankton blooms attracted large shoals of mackerel; and basking sharks were regularly seen. Sea trout feed on small crustaceans and a range of small fishes including juvenile herring, sandeels and gadids. They share coastal waters with sea birds, seals and cetaceans. How healthy are the coastal habitats and ecosystems that sustain productive fisheries? Is climate change affecting food availability? 


This meeting at Poolewe Village Hall, on Friday 29th May from 10 am – 4 pm aims to explore shared interests in maintaining / restoring the health and productivity of coastal waters. The theme is ‘Sea trout and the seas around Wester Ross’, and a range of speakers have been invited to present talks on inter-related topics including: zooplankton, jelly fish, juvenile herring, seals, cetaceans, sea birds, underwater habitats, sea trout, the MSC Loch Torridon shellfish fishery.


A workshop session will encourage all participants to consider opportunities for developing exciting collaborative initiatives, for example the monitoring of juvenile fish populations (food for sea trout, sea birds, cetaceans . . . ) in local waters. This meeting is sponsored by The Highland Council and The Scottish Government (via RAFTS) and is open to all on the day.


Please find the agenda for this meeting on the downloads page of this website. Please contact WRFT at if you would like to attend this meeting.