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Brown trout

Fishing for wild trout in the hills of Gairloch

Fishing for wild trout in the hills of Gairloch

Anglers have fished lochs in WRFT area for wild brown trout for well over 150 years. The most famous trout water in the WRFT area is the Fionn Loch where the average size of trout has remained at a remarkably consistent 2 or 3 to the lb since at least 1912. This loch also has a reputation for producing large trout.

The majority of trout fishing in Wester Ross is on smaller waters. Over the years, efforts were made by many proprietors to improve the quality of fishing. Most of the details have been lost, but the game books of some estates provide a record of some of the stocking levels that went on. Brown trout from Loch Leven were believed to have superior growth and quality to native brown trout and were introduced to several waters. The Loch Maree Wild Trout Project which is assessing the genetic diversity of trout in the River Ewe catchment area, may help to clarify whether or not any of the trout which were stocked have established local populations.

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