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Minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus)

More likely to be seen are shoals of Minnow. Adult minnows are usually between 3 and 7 cm in length. The minnow is non-native to Wester Ross and is believed to have been introduced to Loch Maree by anglers. The minnow is now one of the most common fishes in shallow water. Minnows compete with juvenile trout for food and can be easily caught in traps made from old drinks bottles baited with bread or luncheon meat.

Minnows are taken as food by Black-throated diver. Other small fish including juvenile trout are of importance as food for diver chicks during June, July and August.

Loch Maree fish selection: can you name the 4 species shown?         [Close]
Many of the minnows in Loch Maree are infected with tapeworms         [Close]
Minnows can be caught in a trap made from a plastic drinks bottle and baited with bread or pet food         [Close]

Minnow Gallery

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