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Aaptosyax grypus, Pakse Market, February 1997 (Peter Cunningham)         [Close]
Loch Maree record sea trout of almost 20lb. This fish was caught in 1952 near Ash Island. Very few sea trout of 4lb or over have been taken from Loch Maree since 1990.         [Close]
Male Loch na Sealga arctic charr in breeding colouration (Ben Rushbrooke)         [Close]
Ray Dingwall (and Jon Penny) with salmon of 105cm, taken from the River Ewe on 4th October 2008 (photo by Glyn Williams)         [Close]
Ray Dingwall (ghillie on River Ewe) with 17lb Ewe spring salmon from the River Ewe (photo taken by by Gavin Ramsay who caught the fish)         [Close]
Roger McLachlan with Brown trout 'ferox' of 70cm from spawning stream in Loch Maree catchment, October 2011         [Close]
Six grilse taken in the upstram trap at Tournaig, 9-10 Oct 08 (Ben Rushbrooke)         [Close]
This trout had fed heavily upon salmon eggs. Salmon eggs which are washed out of redds are also eaten by juvenile salmon, and may represent a vital food source.         [Close]
Trout - salmon hybrids, like the two at the top, are sometimes recorded during juvenile fish surveys. Below them are a trout and a salmon parr at the bottom.         [Close]