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Other wildlife

Alder trees are dying back along some stream banks. Is this associated with soil nutrient defficiency?         [Close]
Bog asphodel adds colour to the moors and peatlands of Wester Ross from July         [Close]
Emerald damselfly. This insect can be found during summer months near many of the hill lochans, especially those without trout!         [Close]
Gold ribbed dragonflies are the largest seen in Wester Ross. Their larvae are found in running water.         [Close]
Maerl poster         [Close]
Many of the frogs on Beinn Eighe are very dark in colour. Why?         [Close]
Pine marten feeding on a salmon carcass (self portrate). Has the spread of non-native American mink been kept in check by a healthy Wester Ross Pine marten population?         [Close]
The Scotch argus butterfly is found in grassland by streamsides in late summer.         [Close]
This spider had made a web across the stream.         [Close]