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Alexander MacLean takes the first cast of the 2017 salmon fishing season on the bank of the River Ewe with ghillie Raymond Dingwall looking on         [Close]
Ben Rushbrooke removing a salmon from the upstream trap at Tournaig. Wild salmon re-established a population in the Tournaig system without any stocking.         [Close]
Looking for juvenile trout along the margins of Loch Coulin.         [Close]
Measuring eels. Silver eels are recorded at the Tournaig trap as they head to sea during the autumn.         [Close]
Surveying spawning streams. The Docherty burn supports juvenile salmon and trout.         [Close]
Teaching the next generation. WRFT education projects have included 'Salmon in the Classroom' and 'Life in Lochs'.         [Close]
This fish ladder on the Allt Beith was partially restored by volunteers in 2003 and 2004. In 2006, juvenile salmon were found above the ladder.         [Close]
This new road culvert on the A832 in Glen Docherty is too steep for trout to pass through. WRFT plans to assist The Highland Council with remedial action.         [Close]