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  • Peatland nutrition, hummock formation and carbon sequestration poster
    This poster is based on observation in peatland areas of Wester Ross and shows how mossy hummocks may be formed by birds and other animals which deposit droppings rich in phosphate which fertilise the vegetation. What are the optimum levels of ecosystem-derived organic phosphate to support biodiversity and carbon sequestration in peatland areas? Poster by Peter Cunningham, prepared for the WRFT Catchment Vegetation Revival Workshop at Beinn Eighe NNR and Kinlochewe, 25th and 26th April 2023 .  Posted: 02/05/2023 (546KB)
  • Maerl biodiversity and carbon poster
    Maerl, often referred to as coral by former herring fishermen, is the most important priority marine feature for which the Wester Ross Marine Protected Area was desgnated. Maerl seabed habitats provide homes for many animals including spawning herring, juvenile cod and scallops. Maerl beds around Wester Ross are some of the most important in Europe but remain inadequately surveyed. They are damaged by scallop dredging and organic nutrient rich waste discharges from open cage salmon farms.  Posted: 30/05/2022 (901KB)
  • Wester Ross Spring Spawning Herring Poster
    This poster shows some of the life-cycle and ecology of herring which spawn close to Red Point to the south west of Loch Gairloch in March. The poster is still in draft form; comments welcome! .  Posted: 29/03/2019 (912KB)
  • Wester Ross Fisheries Trust Poster of Activities 2012
    This poster was prepared in 2012 to summarise the activities of the Trust in freshwater and marine environments. Production was supported by the Scottish Government via RAFTS.  Posted: 17/01/2017 (8.94MB)
  • Ecosystem Nutrition in Wester Ross Poster DRAFT1
    The poster has been drafted with some ideas for ways to conserve and replenish phosphorus within Wester Ross. The file includes some explanation of the ideas presented. Comments welcome! .  Posted: 18/11/2016 (987KB)
  • Wester Ross Marine Wildlife Poster
    This poster shows some of the marine wildlife habitats and marine wildlife to be found around Wester Ross including habitats of nature conservation importance within the possible Wester Ross Marine Protected Area. Copies are available from WRFT.  Posted: 18/07/2014 (1.22MB)
  • Wester Ross Marine Wildlife Poster Draft 3
    This is the second draft of an A1 poster to be produced to raise awareness of marine biodiversity in the seas around Wester Ross and the North West Sea Lochs Marine Protected Area. Copies should be available for sale at local outlets later in 2013.  Posted: 14/05/2013 (1.29MB)
  • The Wild Trout of a Coastal Stream System in Wester Ross
    Poster showing some of the wild trout and their prey and predators found in a coastal stream system in Wester Ross.  Posted: 24/05/2011 (1.05MB)
  • Loch Maree Family Day
    Loch Maree Family Day Poster.  Posted: 01/10/2008 (225KB)
  • Sea Trout and the Seas Around Wester Ross
    This poster shows how the survival and growth of sea trout may depend upon many factors within the coastal marine environment.  Posted: 24/06/2008 (76KB)
  • Soils, Ecosystem Fertility & Salmon Smolt Production in Wester Ross
    This poster illustrates the soils, ecosystem fertility and salmon smolt production in Wester Ross.  Posted: 24/06/2008 (569KB)
  • Loch Maree Fisheries and Wildlife
    How many animals can you find in the poster? Look for both vertebrate and invertebrate species. If you only find 20: you are not looking carefully enough... 30 is OK, 40: well done! Note that several forms of salmon and trout are shown.  Posted: 24/06/2008 (466KB)