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High resolution photos

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  • First cast on the River Ewe 2017
    Alexander MacLean of Gairloch High School makes the first cast of the 2017 salmon fishing season on the River Ewe, 11th February 2017. .  Posted: 21/02/2017 (727KB)
  • Trout with shrew in stomach
    Middlesex University student, Toby Landeryou, found a shrew inside this trout. The trout was caught in a small burn in the hills near Gairloch on 9th July 2015.  Posted: 20/01/2016 (346KB)
  • Loch Maree Panorama by Ben Rushbrooke
    When Ben was out surveying non-native invasive plants around the shores of Loch Maree in September 2015, he took a series of photographs from this less familiar viewpoint from which this composite has been put together. You can just about see from one end of the loch to the other, including several famous fishing beats. Thanks Ben!.  Posted: 17/12/2015 (540KB)
  • Tournaig grilse 2012 photo mosaic
    This high definition picture is a mosaic of photos of 39 of the grilse that were taken in the upstream trap at Touraing in 2012, between July and September. Zoom in to examine each fish. Contrast the colour of the fish, their condition and predator marks. Note that the file is large! All photos were taken by Ben Rushbrooke.  Posted: 14/06/2013 (15.82MB)
  • Recaptured male Gairloch sea trout 2012
    This wild sea trout, named 'Squaretail', has been caught 5 times in Loch Gairloch by the WRFT sweep netting team, providing further useful information about growth and migration of sea trout within the coastal waters of Wester Ross.  Posted: 28/09/2012 (972KB)
  • Brown trout with Minnow, Sguod, 2nd May 2011
    This trout which contained a partly digested minnow was caught by Mark Williams from the River Sguod on 2nd May 2011.  Posted: 02/05/2011 (263KB)
  • Estuarine trout, Kerry Bay 7 June 2010
    This trout, the largest taken in the sea by the WRFT sea lice monitoring team, was taken in the sweep net; and the file shows photographs of scales from which the age has been assessed.  Posted: 07/06/2010 (508KB)
  • Aaptosyax grypus, Pakse Market February 1997
    This may be one of the last photos of Aaptosyax grypus, Rainboth (1991), photographed in Pakse Market in February 1997 by VSO Volunteer, Peter Cunningham. The salmon like cyprinid is (was) an endemic to the middle Mekong River. I also collected a juvenile from a gill net fisherman at ban Hang Khone. Sadly, I have come across no authenticated reports of this unique fish surviving into the 21st Century. Does it still exist?.  Posted: 31/03/2010 (196KB)
  • Escaped farm salmon and wild salmon at Dundonnell, October 2009
    Higher resolution photograph of the two large male salmon from the Dundonnell broodfish tank, 30th October 2009. Photos of scales from each of the fish are also shown. Fish photo by Ben Rushbrooke. Thank you to Alasdair Macdonald and Dundonnell Estate for permission and support.  Posted: 18/11/2009 (2.59MB)
  • Salmon fry (top) and charr fry (below) from Little Gruinard River system, August 2009
    This is the first charr fry recorded by the WRFT electro-fishing team. Please contact the WRFT biologist for mmore information.  Posted: 28/08/2009 (220KB)
  • Rays bream, Badachro harbour 12 Mar 09
    Pictures, including close up of head, of Ray's bream found by Ian McWhinney at Badachro harbour on 12 March 09.  Posted: 13/03/2009 (197KB)
  • Scale of Dundonnell River salmon 22 October 2008
    This salmon was taken from the Dundonnell River on 22 October 2008 for broodstock. Scale reading indicates that she was returning to freshwater to spawn for the third time. Thanks to Alasdair Macdonald of Dundonnell estate for the scale.  Posted: 11/12/2008 (1.90MB)
  • Dealfish
    Dealfish, Trachypterus arcticus, found in Badachro harbour on 10th November 2008 by Hamish Lawrie.  Posted: 11/11/2008 (1.18MB)
  • Escaped farm salmon of 98cm, River Ewe 6th October 2008
    Escaped farm salmon of 98cm taken from the River Ewe on 6th October 2008. This fish had spent two winters at sea since escaing from marine cages.  Posted: 15/10/2008 (959KB)
  • Scale from River Ewe escaped farm salmon 98cm , 6th October 2008
    Part of the scale of a salmon of 98cm SL caught in the River Ewe on 6th October 2008. The fish had spent two winters at sea after escaping from marine cages in 2006.  Posted: 15/10/2008 (507KB)
  • Six Tournaig grilse taken in October 2008 (Ben Rushbrooke)
    Six grilse taken in the upstream trap at Tournaig on 9th & 10th October 2008.  Posted: 10/10/2008 (918KB)
  • Wrasse at Boor Bay
    Sample of wrasse taken at Boor bay, by Poolewe on 18th August.  Posted: 01/09/2008 (421KB)