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Wester Ross Marine Protected Area

Documents relating to the Wester Ross Marine Protected Area following designation on 24th July 2014

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  • Towards reformation of inshore fisheries
    Paper by Peter Cunningham (WRFT Biologist) with ideas for reformation of inshore fisheries around northwest of Scotland to restore fisheries production and secure and sustain employment in inshore fisheries for many people in local communities. The paper has been drafted in Peter's own time, the views expressed are his own. .  Posted: 08/03/2023 (810KB)
  • Cryptocotyle lingua (blackspot) on juvenile cod in Loch Ewe, autumn 2022
    A summary of the findings from a coastal fyke net trial by Boor in Loch Ewe within the Wester Ross Marine Protected Area, to monitor sea trout, in autumn 2022. The report describes infestation of juvenile cod, pollack, coalfish and poor cod by the parasitic trematode fluke, Cryptocotyle lingua. .  Posted: 21/11/2022 (803KB)
  • Proposed management measures map June 2015
    This map provides links to the proposed management measures for the Wester Ross MPA.  Posted: 12/06/2015 (320KB)
  • Wester Ross MPA some possible management scenarios
    A one page discussion document outlining a series of progressive management scenarios for the Wester Ross Marine Protected Area.  Posted: 20/08/2014 (198KB)